Joint Staff Training Event Romania September 2015

Association Pro Refugiu organized a first joint staff training event in Bucharest between 20-26 September 2015 as part of the project Chance and Challenge-Improve the assistance for children and youth victims of human trafficking by developing innovative support programs Erasmus Plus, Strategic Partnerships.

To this event attended psychologists, social workers and lawyers from Romania, Czech Republic and Spain. The topics approached were: human trafficking; what is coaching and how it can be used to support vulnerable groups as victims of human trafficking; trauma and healing process an important aspect to be taken into account also in the coaching process; the code of conduct for social workers and psychologists as coaches for children and youth victims; collaboration methods between two coaches when a child / youth victim receives support in the destination and origin countries; meetings with representatives of the National Agency against Trafficking in Persons and Probation Directorate Ministry of Justice.